Death Of Us All - Poem by Michael Budwah

We all know we die sooner or later,
its not a funny face, or a misplaced trace,
god is good, and they say so is death,
it draws your blood, and floods you in it,
and drowns you to deep depth,
death gets you sick and ill,
and makes you feel dead like,
death want more victims, its sickling,
storms and dark dimmy days,
no happy smile face, or good grace,
just evil doing, stuff out of place,
earth crust falling apart, tsunamis tearing apart,
what do you choose, heaven or hell,
i look forward to 2012,
look back and think, what the hell,
they say stay together till death do us part,
but what if you part before death,
stabbing and shooting whats in our world,
try to save all worlds, an humanity,
the earths plants will turn to rotten,
and god child's will be no more,
but a new cycle will appear, with different fears,
but really, who are the ones that cares,
when you think about it.., its not really fair,
who are the ones to go, who are the ones to stay, im one that goes with nay.

Poems by Michael Budwah

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