Create Hope - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

Seasons do change and create hope
Where show is certain to flop
With it’s down pour and in abundance
Hope may revive and grow at once

How many hearts may rejoice?
As it is only their choice
To create and build hope for future
And build the lovely empire for sure

I would not miss a dropp of water
I won’t care even for shelter
My brethrens live under the open sky
I have nothing to bother or feel shy

Time to sow the seeds
It is our urgent need
We may smile only when it grows
We knell down with head and bow

Even if rain clouds do come and disappear
We remain worried for agony to bear
How long will it play with our sentiments?
As we watch clouds thunder with movements

I go with nature and agree
We are dependent and not free
All our glory and pride hang in balance
We get delighted even with small black cloud’s presence

I want complete package
Even if that costs severance of bondage
Send all the curses on us one by one
But take care also not to belie the expectation of any one

We are here to stay in any situation
We can live happily with its continuation
Only we may hope for better tomorrow
Bestow us with happiness and allow

Poems by hasmukh amathalal

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