With No New Hope - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

Nope, we go to bed
With no hope to be up
Next morning and see the sun
It is biggest lie and fun

You may set alarm
Just to be in somebody’s arm
With sweet dreams and expectation
It is pure feeling with relation

“Inshaah Allah”* or if god willing
If time is on our side and not killing
That is exact meaning of helplessness
We are always on run to face

So long the day is shining
You are within right of defining
The exact meaning lf life in your term
Night may not afford you same chance in turn

So the legend says” do not leave the work unfinished”
If it to be done today then do it now and finish
Next moment may be really uncertain
So run fast with moment and maintain

I hear the words from people
“Oh no, he died with lot many problems”
He was just now sitting before me
He collapsed and died soon to be free

Feel fine so long you are alive
Plan the life and try to relive
It is in your hand and try to enjoy
Who knows what will be available for joy?

Poems by hasmukh amathalal

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