It Is Hope - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

It is hope that keeps me alive
Makes for everything to believe
Suddenly something rushes in mind
Memories of yesteryears are so unkind

I had declined her offer
For permanent bond and suffered
It was wrong decision
Not taken with any precision

I forgot about that incidence
But felt internally with permanent presence
She was lovely and kind companion
I had loved her all the way for union

She tried and did everything to persuade
But I was adamant and could not be dissuaded
I was doomed to suffer later on
But nothing could work on

Time has showed no favor
I have suffered a and more
She is better placed and happy
I am somewhat shaken with worries

It was chance that I missed
She was lucky to have been blessed
I miss but never curse for past
Memories do rush in mind to disappear fast

We are sensible people
We think of past troubles
It is good sign as it keeps human touch
We are not animal to forget as such

Poems by hasmukh amathalal

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