Justice Delayed - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

Can justice be delayed under any circumstances?
Numerous cases can be sighted for instances
Can that not be amounted as justice denied?
Well, conscious should always bite if it is laid

Constitution enshrined for liberty and freedom
Forefathers too considered and thought it as wisdom
Sacrifice made for freedom struggle should not go as waste
To live with true freedom was need of an hour and taste

Still many loop holes remain to be plugged
System is facing criticism and it is wholly bugged
Justice is sold as revealed with emergence of new facts
it is cleverly wrapped in words with simple tact

Under official ret act, nothing can be made public or revealed
Under the oath of secrecy it is cleverly concealed
Normal man can’t dream for getting immediate relief
Loosing faith and trust as mark of disbelief

Innocents are sometimes hung for nothing
Trial summary drags on for years to prove something
History teeters and goons rule the scene
it has been made laughing stock which is never witnessed or seen

Conscience like things has remained on paper
Evidences or approver turn hostile and proof is tempered
Solitary examples shine and keep the system alive
Does the system require honest trial for self and to be revived?

Politicians have corrupted and citizens too have favored
Easy ill gotten money plays part with fragrance and flavor
who would not want to become rich and famous?
Leading lavish life with style and look so glamorous

Death sentence can’t be implemented for simple reason
Wrong move for computation of term for person tried under treason
Still some of us praise the system and sing for liberty
How can it grow amidst the illiteracy and poverty?

Nothing can l change under the light and sun
we will tear it apart by making mockery and fun
Streets will have deserted look under the shadow of gun
People may seek refuge under constant fear and run

Such may be the scene in coming days
You will be caught in cross fire in strange ways
You will have no high hope in bright rays
It may be altogether different if we don’t pay (attention)

No one should be deprived of his/her legitimate dues
System should not be meant for only few
Why is it so that only influential get scoot free
Why other have to sit recite the hymns under the tree?

Let holy principles of justice be upheld
Let innocents be not prosecuted and held
It may or can have legitimate delay
This may send the message across and relay

Poems by hasmukh amathalal

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