Home At Last - Poem by Miranda Dodge

You set on out
To find your dream
To know where it leads you
Within your life
Here and there
You travel... Everywhere
Leaving your family behind
Missing you... Praying for you
For safe return home
A heart longs to find where it... is to be
Searching and longing
Not knowing it's purpose here on earth
So you try and find it
By looking at the world
Moving around and never settling down
Always wanting something
More than what you have
But everywhere you've been
Only brings you joy... That never stays
In the end... Of this journey you have taken
You decide to move on... And just give up
Going home... Seeing loved ones
Your heart... Starts to realize
This is what you wanted
All along
Was to be home
Now your heart is full
You are Home At Last

Poems by Miranda Dodge

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