Love At First Sight - Poem by Annaya The Poet


Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you believe in love from the very first night?
Do you believe that two hearts can beat as one?
Before they even meet their lives have begun?
Do you believe that heaven can happen when you meet?
Do you believe that love can be instantly complete?

You were my love at first sight
From the first moment it felt so right
That you would be my knight
Was it my knight or was it all night?
Because when you laid eyes on me
I knew that we would be
ONE in love, that for real kind of love
That love most people only dream of.

It was like I already knew you so well
Like lifetime friends anyone could tell
Butterflies were there from that very first date
We both felt like we were truly soul mates.
This love at first sight goes from the depths of my soul
From the tip of my nerves to the existence of my whole
This love starts at the core of my most secret place
And ends at the outer realms of you tracing my face

You became a part of me when you looked at me
We became one when you whispered my name tenderly.
It was truly love at first sight
And I know that it was so good and so right
Before GOD and Country as we now become ONE
We are unstoppable in this life of fun
You’ve taken my hand as your Queen for life
And I promise to make you the very best wife
And as my King I know that you will too
Work hard to make all of our dreams come true.
The first time lips touch is special…

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