A Coal Black Sweeper Girl Posing Like A Magistrate On Chairir - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

A coal black sweeper girl
Poses she like a film heroine,
Sings she a song,
Dresses and does the make up
In style,
Comments and taunts others.

Not a second class, but a first class
Magistrate on chair
Near her hut,
She sits on it,
Teaches the poor boys and girls
Outside her home to show it to the passers-by.

Sometimes makes she them stand out in the sun,
Beats black and blue,
Punishes ruthlessly,
Makes them kneel down,
Hold the ears and stand
And the people go seeing.

A graduate she thinks herself
Which man not, God too cannot,
Mulk Raj Anand's Bakha too cannot,
If on chair,
He will be no less than an IAS officer,
Maybe he not,
But Bakha's son.

Wearing the goggles, she thinks of
Herself a heroine,
Not inferior to a film actress,
A singer
She clears her throat in the bathroom,
A dancer on occasions.

A graduate for the first time in her family,
The coal black girl thinks she herself
A poetess writing poems,
Stealing from school magazines,
Taking the lambs into her lap
Writing in her diary.

It is not her fault, but hers is the first generation
Which is seeing the light,
Getting education,
Strutting and walking on tip-toe
And tight-lipped,
The sweeper magistrate,
Not a second class, but a first class saheb,
English not, but brown saheb.

Poems by Bijay Kant Dubey

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