'Naren, What Do You Want? , ' Asked The Teacher. 'I Want To See Her And Seek From Her'. 'Well, You Go Inside And Ask For, ' Said He, Ramkrishna - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Naren, what do you want,
Asked the teacher.
Swami Vivekananda then Naren said to him
That he wanted to see the Mother,
The face of the Mother.
Well, then go in and ask from
The deity
Whatever you want to ask.
Narendra Dutt went into,
Saw a magnificent Kali,
The glittering face of Hers
Ever to speak, ever to talk to
And forgot to ask from Her,
The Ordaining Deity.
Coming out of the hall,
Said he,
I want nothing,
Nothing from Her,
Nothing, nothing from you,
My reverend teacher.
said he,
What I had to find,
I have found,
Found that, Sire.

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