A Reading Of Keki N.Daruwalla's Poetry - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Keki N.Daruwalla the Parsi poet
From Lahore,
Displaced and dislocated,
Searching for roots,
Finding place
In the IPS
Of the U.P.,
Mostly the Uttarakhand region,
A DIG promoted
To switch over
To the RAW
To membership
Of the Minorities Commission
After retirement.

A Sahitya Akademi award winner,
A Padma Shri,
Is a poet of the brave heart
Dealing with tragedy and drama talk mainly,
Painting violence, wrath, human anger,
Malice, envy,
Vengeance, jealousy;
Curfew-clamped towns with
The shoot at sight orders,
Riots and tension brewing;
The flood-hit areas
Under water,
Submerged or drowned,
Muddy waters swirling
And inundating,
Flowing above the danger level.

A poet of the night of the jackal,
The wolf howling,
Bloody, brutal and bestial,
He returning
When it is dark
With the hunter,
One of the kite, vulture and hawk,
The Towers of Silence,
He thinking of the laws of nature,
Wild and mystical,
Calm and ruffling,
He marking the tiger
With the rifle in hands.

A poet verbose and bombastic,
He is wordy and textured,
Old, archaic and obsolete,
And unemotional,
Hard and tougher,
Deriving and drawing from
The RAW visits and studies
Even going to Iran,
Searching the roots of Zoroastrianism
And the stuffs of international relations
Which the RAW men have to undertake
For diplomacy and reading.

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