The Places I Saw Met And Received Love - Poem by Abhilaaj

I saw it in the teary pearl,
In the eyes of a street dog,
When I fed and patted him,
And he wagged his tail.
I saw it in the
Eyes of the bull,
When I removed
From his bleeding foot.
A rusted nail.

I saw it in the,
Outstretched hand of,
The old woman placed over my head,
After I read to her
The soldier son’s mail.
Telling her that,
The enemies had left him,
After ten years,
From the jail.

I saw it in the eyes of the,
Traveling, exhausted man,
After I fed him and offered him,
Some cold water in a pail.
I saw it in the sob of
A young school girl
When I paid her fine.
She earlier wished to elope,
With a boy friend on the rail.
I saw it in the dance,
Of the old tree.
After I prevented its,
Being uprooted.
The tree moved his branches,
Left and right vigorously,
As if for me in hail.

I saw it in the an overseas
Female chatting friend’s,
Daily Good night mail.
I was amazed on seeing,
So much love,
In so many forms.
I went to the abode of worship,
To him, I thanked.
I looked at him with curious eyes.
He smiled and said.

Oh, you failed to spot me.
I stood next to you,
At all the places you went.
A helping hand you lent.
It was I who thanked you,
It was I who blessed you
It was I,
Who sent you love.

Poems by Abhilaaj

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