Beautiful You - Poem by Lauren

Beautiful You

Must I go alone,
After you?
Will I go unknown,
Unlike you?
Why must I suffer this,
Without you?
How can I apologize for every hiss,
To you?
Will I always feel incomplete,
Needing you?
When again will I feel the heartbeat,
Of you?
Who do you think of now,
Beautiful you?
Do you think of me as I allow,
About you?
Will we be brought back together,
Me and you?
Do I need to worry about whether,
It's you?
How soon until I hold hands that belong,
To you?
Why can't I kiss the lips of strong,
Perfect you?
Will I be taken to the beautiful place,
By you?
And will we spend eternity there in grace,
Me and you?

Poems by Lauren

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