My First Kiss Of Love - Poem by i love YOU adnan

when i am alone and cold in crowd
around so many people my soul urests
in someones imaginations my thoughts dwell
and i let my mind to stray
like morning bud to sway
like a bird up high
steer through the air above
trespassing through the woods of haunted memories
my mind is a refugee in the lands of love

magic filled the air, spell bund were we
ecstacy rejoiced me.overpowered by love he
frail was i, a sculpture craved in love he
his eyes smoldered my gays lowered
he was determined to win, i was eager to loss
i lost control, he gained control
his smile ravenous, my lips demanding
filled with the urgency of his love
he pressed his lips against mine
an eternal seal of his love
his touch was erotic, my body on heat
outside the world was cold, inside the reactions vigorous
infatuated by his kiss
my virtue i stripped aside
giving up all that was once mine
he came to claim it all
all that was now his

Poems by i love YOU adnan

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