Unfair Justice - Poem by Mac Adrone Adonay

People now in this place hid in the truth's shadow
And it always happen, it's not an accidence
Why they can 'scape the laws, the truth in their presence?
Yet we know it, but the true story- we can't show
And then we fight, but where did the correction go?
All I see, there's a thing that makes a difference
The evilness of mind covers the evidence
And its great tool is money that changes thew flow
Even we are in the truth's near and clear distance
The revelation of it vanished in our eyes
I saw it clearly that there is false balance
That gives heavy value in the weight of all lies
Yes, it's true, we see, we notice, and we know this:
That in people's mind, there is an unfair justice.

Poems by Mac Adrone Adonay

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