Bad Root, Bad Fruit - Poem by Mac Adrone Adonay

O mothers, did you see, did you see the youth
And the polluted minds of your dear children?
Mothers, think and visualize what will happen
I saw them, the way they speak without the truth
They are choosing evil actions than righteousness
And now, they're bearing lot of thorns; sharp-edged thorns
I know there's someone who moulds them in wrong ways
Their characters were shaped by the dimming days
Look closer to their heads, there are growing horns
Mothers, you are the hope, teach them to progress
I trust and I know you can guide their foot
The time is up to you, so don't ask me when
But I know there's a day that they'll not listen
Remember this: Bad fruit comes from a Bad root.

Poems by Mac Adrone Adonay

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