Beautiful World - Poem by Mac Adrone Adonay

I went to a place where I found myself alone
Where I watch the birds singing on melodious tone
Trees are swaying and winds are on the gentle blow
Beautiful things I've seen, arrange from row to row

Bountiful garden of lovely flowers to smell
The rainbow petals have a warm stories to tell
Sun shines bright at the pinnacle of the mountains
Clouds are whispering on the distant summer plains

Fishes jump with joy in the pleasant rolling sea
How sweet the sound of dancing waves, all dark skies flee
How clear the fresh fountain that brings a cleansing dew
The gorgeous lilies on the river bloomed and grew

And when the sunset falls, here comes a starry night
Evening twinkling stars and moon full of delight
O how wonderful the things, below and above
O Lord, the word is just filed with your wondrous love!

And when the day awakes, I'm watching the rainbow
To see how blessings fall from the heaven's window
Life is truly sorrounded with fortune and bliss
How beautiful the world, how beautiful it is!

Poems by Mac Adrone Adonay

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