Grief And Loss - Poem by Mamta Agarwal

Words fall short
To express a sense of loss.
It can only be felt
In the emptiness it left.

In the longing of your heart,
In some chamber of your soul,
For a dear one gone
In a flash, we are forever apart.

In the silent tears
That flow down your cheeks,
Soaking the pillow case
As you lie curled up in bed.

In the half smile
That never reaches your eyes,
The void that fills you
And makes you wonder why are you alive.

With time the ache becomes dull,
And from time to time
You find yourself awake
Tossing, turning going down
The memory lane,
Some sweet some full of pain.

You are never whole,
As long as there is a longing
In your soul.
In time you realise
You have to let go,
And make peace
And deal with grief.

Finally when it does,
You grow wise
Compassionate and loving,
And gain a new insight
Into life that is a mystery.

Poems by Mamta Agarwal

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