Riverband Of Romamce - Poem by M A Parry Eugene

Riverband of romance often I tread alone
in the labyrinths of time,
I n the secret sacred hours when lonely
cold stars are so kind;
So I forget the trials and tribulations for a
moment, Dear,
Here all alone till I again know to know
that you don't care;
Eerie shudder tolls me back to my frozen
forlorn self,
Too good to be true- may be you were just
a riveting elf;
And drown I deeper in the river of
emotions true and strong,
Ah, awake here I am from many a moist-
eyed dream-I was so wrong;
Miss I true the unsaid love, my uncried
tears too said it a million times,
In you I must still find the cynosure of my
dear dreams and desires;
Softly come away from the maddening
simmer and strife,
Somewhere into our own sphere to belong
to us for many a life!

Poems by M A Parry Eugene

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