Yes I Am Living Like Never Before - Poem by two insane

Lying on the bed bending eyes to the window

I could see how the sky looked so fresh and gleeful

I wondered the change felt from the dark to the dawn

When I went to the bed world shrunk from all the side

I found breathing very hard as nothing in life was my way

The strings of all goods seemed already broken loose

I had messed my life making all bits miserable

No effort and no risk no fruit to cut

Dead in the mind and body actively inactive

Hopelessly I killed my soul and the pain was unbearable

Best thing happened then that I fell asleep

Now the aroma around was filling in new life

I want to live and relive every moment

Light outside is peeping deep into my soul

I can sense I am alive again

I have the courage and I am the power to change

Change what? Others! ! ! No it is me and my life

I considered everything meaningful and worth while

Yes I am living like never before ………….

Poems by two insane

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