Posessing Beauty - Poem by Jason J. Yu

A gift from God and man's perception.
For affection is given from one's reflection.
Staring at her mirror now.
A little girl will some how....
Become an art in the scheme of life.
With a gift so grand that it's powerful beyond emotion.
For this power is a catalyst.
An ignition to the fire that sparks the sun.
The juice to the battery which powers the city.
And the dust of dreams for which create the stars.
For this gift of god is more than a trait.
It creates a world of wonder to those around.
And how a girl should honor her gift,
will either benefit a world with beauty,
or submerge it into a pit of lust and sin.
For beauty is a gift of two paths.
One is of love. And the other is of lust.
For when she comes of age,
she has to make the choice between humanity and canibalism.
For she has to mold man into a gentlemen and not a dog.
And she has to show the world that true beauty,
can create a world of prosperity and love,
which generates the euphoria of a new utopia.
One where women are respected as equals.
And one where men are angels rather than demons.

Poems by Jason J. Yu

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