Thoughts Of Nature - Poem by Jacque Hardison

As I look at the sky,
I though about nature itself.
Why do the leaves from the trees tremble when the wind blows by?
Usually I secure those thoughts and keep them to myself.

As I walk by, I hear the birds chirping on the branches.
Along the grassland that I walk on,
I saw horses on widely opened ranches-
Which took place all around dawn.

Next I saw the waterfall cry itself a river.
Then I walked along the sand near the ocean.
There was an unusual feeling that made me wanted to shiver.
That felling was to express my emotions.

Nature is what we see daily-
And I love to see it as it should be.
Plants and Oceans mainly- However nature is one thing in life that is a part of me.

Poems by Jacque Hardison

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