Ultimatum - Poem by Humaizie Hassan

A bird can’t fly with 1 wing,

Nor can a meal be complete with just the recipe,

Two parts play their roles towards 1 ambition,

If 1 stops spinning, the boat rocks and the vision becomes vague,

Machines are meant to be our slaves,

But we often enslave ourselves to our emotions,

Though so, a good will and sharp mind may break the damned spell,

A choice that we can uphold; be it good or bad,

No man shall gladly raise his white flag of ego,

But I for one, have done so numerous times,

As I look unto the betterment of the journey,

Either I receive the same reflection as I would in a mirror,

Or we put aside our parachutes and don’t fly at all,

Put your mind at the front line and think clearly, wisely, and maturely,

Then listen to your heart as it whispers slowly,

May God bless you and show you the right path of life, now and the hereafter.

Poems by Humaizie Hassan

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