Life Is But A Sinking Feeling... - Poem by Meghan

now every road takes me further from home
and every gesture leaves me feeling alone
my hands are cold and my pockets filled with holes
as I let go of every memory I tried to hold
all familiarity is lost and strangers cast their stares
blank eyes reaching out into the atmosphere
pull me savagely into their empty voids
I blow along with the leaves
and life is exactly how it seems: the usual.
everything is fine if you don't think about it...
my thoughts have become rhythmic ocean waves
stealing my sanity away
with each spinning chasing circle
the current pulls me under
and now the act of breathing produces a feeling like drowning
and all you can offer is a shrug
and a mutter...'that's life'

['life is but a sinking feeling']-doseone-deep puddle dynamics

Poems by Meghan

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