Maiden With A Flaxen Hair - Poem by Folayemi Akande

Maria withers in the fold of worning age In my heart, this long preserved As of end of time enrage, Abreast the clover of sustained beleaguered, Thus, tide abound as my enamor amount in steamed upheaval, And the wit of my flushing youth repent with penny power. Maria, the patriarchy palm of time Has supple wild at this nick hour, Beneath a benign wandering gaze, Shutter my niggling thoughts, For my faith abounds in naught, as of these confessional hour, Alas! your wandering state lies in paradox, Maria, I beseech, you attend to my flirty gaze, as of cloud-nine do embrace, My love is eternal and ever grave, soaring high to heavenly places. Maria, be elated in your spirited mind, If your soul so bid well of me, Be kindle in your stream of thought For i have all your adornment to carter, As we acquaint our hearts to brighter things.

Poems by Folayemi Akande

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