Light Of The Future - Poem by Naveed Akram

The light is greater than the might of a hand of God,
And this is life and this is maybe why we hate not one another.
The fierce fury is driving the men of the district to love an egg of company,
They love it when it bestows a flight of tears, an ideal action to crack.
Most who near this man are also full of tears, and their tears are like rain
In an earthquake of sorrow and hellfire. They are evil men, full of cries.
The light of a decent death is in crying of the man and woman, a husband and wife.
A widow has little left, in the eternity, in the fade-off, and the darkness.
We are going to keep the righteous men away from our memories,
As they listen to days and nights and they live among men.
To keep a prism of light is to see what without a future is!

Poems by Naveed Akram

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