Rene – Portrait Of A Black Beauty - Poem by Stanley Collymore

Although we’ve only quite recently met
I’m pretty sure we’ve always known
that we existed somewhere
on this planet, waiting for
the right moment
to discover each other.
And now that we have I simply can’t wait
to fully explore the several possibilities
and much more of this new and most
exciting friendship we’ve freely
and spontaneously begun;
and which for me
is a marvellous
to be courted once again
by a black woman that’s urbane
and who, besides, is well educated,
clever, cerebral and culturally the same.

And amidst the euphoria of this new start
and the dizzy stirrings of my happy
and now contented heart
I have to honestly admit that
the long and, at times, heart-rending
search for you was well and truly
worth the pain and the many
sacrifices caused by it.

Poems by Stanley Collymore

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