Sleep - Poem by Leonard Dabydeen

I find it difficult to decipher
What trust I should lay
Upon my feathered pillow,
Just before day closes
Its winded shutters
To night's rhapsody
Of melodious sounds.

Night heralds the end
Of a beautiful sunlight day's orange gleam
With twilight hues -
So much kaleidoscopic radiance!
And silently spread
Wings of cool, caressing ambiance
To let sheep gather
For a night's prayer,
To let the cows moo
Before repose for one last fodder of hay,
While chickens take their spot
On racks in a coop,
And horses are blessed with one last visit
From their patron stable ranger.

So when I attempt
To choreograph my thoughts
In a ballet stance
Like a ballerina in full ecstasy
And close my eyes to sleep,
I pray for a dream
Of sweet endearment
That our world will no longer
Make more wars to fret each nation.
Rather as Gandhi would acclaim
We must seek peace and purity of mind:
So join me to nurture this sleep
For a peaceful and progressive world.,
Let us narrate a prayer.

Poems by Leonard Dabydeen

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