I'Ts Crazy - Poem by matt dahan

Seems so good to you but to me it’s almost impossible to deal with.
I can’t do it no more it’s so crazy and it’s hurting to much
It’s like you don’t even care at all like u have no feelings.
I’m sure if u had feelings u would realize how much you hurt me
You’re a monster with teeth that can cut threw any heart.
You have eyes that make me bleed; the force is crazy I can’t even see.
Life is so confusing especially when I got no way out will I be trapped forever or will I just stop to shout,
My feeling are getting crazy with such power I can’t consist,
I want you to understand u made me like this.
The way you tell me im useless the way u stop and scream.
The way my tears go down it means almost everything to me.
The way I tell the lies I still have so much to hide no1 understand what it means to me and what I got to do to survive.
On the outside im so calm but on the inside im a disaster
Winds blowing hard I can see your smile but I can feel your tears.

Poems by matt dahan

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