Mother Nature - Poem by Timothy A. Hess

I wanted to write my feeling about living on the third rock from the sun,

But I wonder if we allow Mother Nature to have any fun,

Think of all the diversity that this ol’ Earth has given us, from the mountains to a deep blue lake,

To the prairies, deltas, rivers, and the deserts so hot that your skin will bake.

This Earth is so beautiful from the ice caps to the caves and don’t forget all those trees,

All the different climates from 50 below to 140 degrees.

Thank you Mother Nature for treating us so well,

From the air we breath to the waves with the gentle swells.

To the summer showers that make people want to play in the rain,

Or we can lay in bed on a Sunday morning and listen to it tapping against the window pane.

Plants that gives us fibers so we can make cotton, paper and tires in 3 ply,

Even ones that helps us by trapping insects and flies.

We love the gentle winds so we can go out and fly a colorful kite,

Just like a hot air balloon we can soar to cloud shattering height.

Our people from the past has had a few lessons they had to learn,

When Mother Nature becomes ticked off, her temper is hot enough to burn,

For example when people get quite upset they begin to shake,

When She gets that way, God help those in that Earthquake.

The flood of tears, the drought of emotion, and the wind of cyclonic tails,

And the splattering of the soul wretching hail.

When people falsely proclaim that this is their land and they can do as they may,

Just remember that Mother Nature can be a fiesty wench and she’ll show you this isn’t Burger King, so she’ll do it her way.

Don’t take me wrong and not give Mother Nature her respect,

But if we do one or two thing differently, Our human population needs to be able to come up with new ideas to keep Mother Nature a bit happier. My idea is to make her the next president-elect.

Poems by Timothy A. Hess

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