Nature Reborn - Poem by Hime Hiroda

Pitiful is this gracious sylph manhandled
By ungrateful children, avarice they're fueled
Her bounty ransacked, her riches squandered
Gaia's pristine resource relentlessly plundered.

Incessant logging has made her sylvan womb barren
Proliferating kaingins, her verdant face ashen;
With the wild torrents of her anguished tears
Come down mud and rubble that cost man dear.

Amidst the vengeful acidulous onslaught
The vehement polluted tempests brought,
From those sombre skies, shelter creations sought;
Tumultuous thunder is nature's voice distraught.

Below the waves blackend by oil so slick
Under plastics piled and filth so thick,
Into the depths of Poseidon's somnolent deep,
Grief-stricken, Mother Earth weeps.

Hear her, you blinded masters of the art!
Wield again science, your double-edged sword;
'Tis a burdensome duty your consciences impart
With technology, to have her ingeniously restored.

Stretch out your burly arms you able-bodied men
Sow seeds generously to make verdant desertified glens;
Reforest with saplings those mountaintops barren,
Agriculture mastered- make flora flourish in lands forgotten.

The air from smoke and fumes be given surcease
Let burning, pow'ring from fossil fuels cease;
Energy be drawn from water, wind and undulating light
That nature from poisons may be given respite.

Enliven the three R's with fervent action
Not just stagnant facts or futile public notions;
Sort the wastes and treat the sewage
Herculean your efforts be, but a roseate future's your wage.

Fortunate is Gaia relieved of ignominious scorn
She, like the eastern sun, radiates with rays resplendent;
With golden-red plumage refulgent, a phoenix from ashes reborn,
She shall rise once more- revived, transformed, magnificent.

Poems by Hime Hiroda

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