Nature Forgive Us! ! ! ! - Poem by Patrick Scott Hogg

This night the stars in glory reign.
The old moon hangs, begins to wane.
Daylight's fled to darkness hurled,
O'er the axis of a rolling world;
The sea stretches out for evermore,
Glittering moonbeams from the shore.

A film of shimmering waves and light,
Like a silken lace, dancing bright.
To the West a shooting star a-falling,
Listen! a lonesome curlew calling.
All my worldly cares are soothed away,
Like the fallen sun rolls up its blanket of another day:
The lapping waves, dark on darker layer, with their sleep enchanting sway.

Quiet awe and wonder enwrap my soul,
To feel and know that Man and nature are one whole.
A silent solitary stroll becalms,
My contemplative mood when revolving thoughts turn -
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

This night a billion suns twinkle, forever distant flames,
Unfathomable, ever-stretching deep -
Emotions coalesce in wond'rous awe,
From head to umbilical, heart-blood earthly clay:
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

As when the seed to root bursts forth in life,
By carbon matter's symbiotic hue -
Arresting flower's petal bloom and warmth,
To fry its glory, wrinkled to the soil:
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

As when Man, unlike the rock, is thrust
On earth to live or die by fleshy hand -
Consciousness explodes in birth to being;
Reason, the only light along the way,
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

As when the Cydonian sands of Mars,
In dry deathless winds, gust, gather and glow,
Etching, randomly, rock mountain patterns:
Lonely primate man cries loud, 'Life is there! '
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

As when VIRTUE - Truth's unbending arrow
Lays blood-stain'd, as the dark soulless reign in power:
Nature's law is broken by the beast:
An oligarchical brute of grinning Greed.
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

As when the last bold ray of sunlight shines
On humankind, the Supernova sun
Explodes eternal darkness pole-to-pole,
And Nature's candlelight is ever gone -
Oh, Nature! Forgive Us!

The jewel we were given we made into a Hell

Poems by Patrick Scott Hogg

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