Summer Girls - Poem by yellowbell alamanda

When the sun rise
Dont let the time flies,
dont try to ignore, dont be bore
It's time to get up our sleepy heart
make this season yours,
in your life this should be part.

Young girl with a demure smile
Go out and let your smile shine.
With your sleepy and yet twinkled eyes,
be bright like the sun, see how it's fine.

Young girl with the brightest smile,
bright like the summer sun
You're the child of a summer fun,
go ahead curly-heared girl,
be a friend to those who shy,
it's time to be free under the summer sky.

You are the summer girls,
you found out from the start.
The summer lovers
who fell in love without fear.
Who chase the wind and fly
soar above the clouds,
laugh loud
scream and shout.
Be the summer voice
you are the summer girls,
you can make a choice.

Sing as the birds flies,
they heard the rythm
you have the hymm,
see how the they dance
beneathe that blue sky.

On your cheeks the wind will kiss
listen to your heartbeat
taste the sweat.
Dont worry about the bothering sound
when those boys and girls are around
be the thirteenth
with those fourteenth...
explore, have fun.

The summer will end soon,
and so the summer friends.
One by one they will gone,
and you will see what's remain.
Keep the memories
remember like you were always there-
The girl with a brigthest smile,
the girl with a demure smile,
you are the summer girls
that will always be remembered.

summer 1995-98

Yellowbell Alamanda & Wooden Heart

Poems by yellowbell alamanda

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