Yesterdays And Todays - Poem by babitha marina justin

I woke up with the mist
of sad mornings
shrouding my senses
I leave them behind;
they are scourged clean
by the whiplash of your love

I am happy with
the small pleasures like
a handful of forest spring,
the chill of water-lips
on my face.
The blanket of fear
on forest corridors
strewn with warm
elephant dung.
Simsang’s emerald
anklets rippling round my toes

I gazed at the anglers
paired with their rowers
on the wharf
who rowed downstream
gathering, pleating
casting three nets
in tune with the nature’s song.
I have to find a method
in my madness too.
I peddle with my pain
paint them rainbow hues
offer them on a platter
as my dreams lost on you.

Poems by babitha marina justin

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