One Day In The Life Of Madame Marinowitch - Poem by babitha marina justin

Ah! Brave New world
Of centralized air conditions, PPPs, director meetings coated with the soggy taste of biscuits, washed down with tea scalding my tongue.
Endless discussions on syllabus, optics, combustion, spectroscopy, vector spaces

Ringa ringa roses
Pocket full of poses
Husha busha
We all fall down

The violence rhyming right from our childhood in London bridges falling down and Jack breaking his crown and Jill tumbling after, we take it to classrooms, teaching the art of articulation, grooming students like race horses, policing, reining, hoodwinking them to phatic dialogues and other Hypocritical niceties of life
How to smile and smile and be a villain

Then we etch their life on a graph with a curve. With a standard deviation
Hoping not to turn them deviant

Students are the clay
Mould! Mould! Mould!

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