For De Sade - Poem by babitha marina justin

we met by chance, didn’t we?
ignorant of our existence
we lived our lives
in different worlds
as man and woman
white and brown with
black shadows trailing behind.
you were a monk
in your abstinence
till you indulged your
and killed those
women with your eyes
you, whispered to me:
guilt is a wasted
emotion young lady
live your dreams with me

drawn by your wild
woods, trailing your fragrance
that maddened my senses
intense, starry eyed
my dream was you
I lived the forbidden
world, in a universe
conjured by you and I
your past and my present
linked by ethereal words
whispered by our despairs
and no one knew
our secret hideouts
but just you and me.

from my daze
I wake up to see me
merged with you
you were me
and I was you
and in us two worlds
different colors
met, mated
and became one.

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