I Hate The Way You Linger, Get Lost! - Poem by babitha marina justin

look! there are things
that draw me to you
the spontaneity and vigor
your deft moves
you act with a dart-like ease
your smile
and probably the songs
you break into
when drunk with my eyes.

at the same time
there are things that i hate
in your confidence
to the level of shattering
the sheet of reticence
between us
the same maleness
under the weight of which
i act out my feminine
part-real part-unreal self.
your silence disturbing
the crooks and crannies
of my heart
your silence that lets loose
my eloquence
on things that top
my petty priority list.
and I hate the way
you dominate my thoughts
and linger
there with a familiarity
which you should not have! !

Poems by babitha marina justin

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