Holding Jesus’ Hand - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

Holding Jesus’ Hand

I was going down a dead end road
No intentions of kissing a toad
No fairytale
No bull
This is for real
I turned the devil upside down
All it took was a triple nine
For me to get my life in line
Throw that monkey off my back
Get on track.
I know I can’t ride that bull
No one can
It’s not hard to understand
Everyone knows, glass is made of sand
They also know lies echo
Louder than cymbal’s in a band
So don’t stand toe to toe with the devil
Unless you’re holding Jesus’ hand
Then you’ll have a fighting chance
A reason to strut and prance!
Just for today!
And every day I pray
For the strength to turn the devil upside down
And keep my feet on the ground
Sometimes, I pray so loud
In my head
Just giving thanks for daily bread
Eating after my prayers are said
I know Jesus will help make sure I get fed
Have a safe place to lay my head
As long as I hold Jesus’ hand
I’ll always know in my heart
If I can’t walk he will carry me
I’ve turned the devil upside down
All it took was a triple nine
For me to get my life in line

By: Esther Marie and Cowboy Ronnie

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