Football - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy


The color of the sweater is
Somewhere in the middle,
Not really a burnt orange not really a
Red maroon
This sweater is somewhere in the middle
In the south where you are
Bound to Hear a fiddle or
An old fashion riddle
From Grandpa rocking in his chair
On the front porch damn near anywhere,
It’s the heart of Dixie down south
country folk won’t shut their mouth,
Not anywhere I’ve been down south
If they want to voice an opinion
They tell a joke
Like what does a
Texas longhorn and a sandcastle
Have in common?
They’re both ok until the tide rolls in
They’ll sing a song or just carry on
They will be heard it’s the rebel yell
They got it when the south fell
Now it’s all about healthy and well
Not the color of the sweater
That’s somewhere in the middle
A burnt orange and red maroon
It’s the color of the sweater
Somewhere in the middle

Poems by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

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