Miss Marie - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

Miss Marie

Fishing’s gone bad
I’m so sad
I just know that
I’m gonna miss
Mrs Boudreax
I believe I will see her again
Randy was holding Marie’s hand
When her heart of gold quit pumping
Her smile was gone
With her eyes wide open
I know she must have said
“Randy, in the end
When we meet again
We shall never part”
To me
Miss Marie
Was family from the start
She’ll always be in my heart
Marie had her own flare
Like a backyard apple tree
That one she had red hair
I’ll have you know inside and out
It makes me cry
This final goodbye
Knowing someone else I love will cry
The day I tell Miss Marie hi
Never again to say goodbye
Together will laugh again
Walk in the sand
How come
What for
Every question will have an answer
Even an answer to fix
Or better yet prevent the cancer
I’ll plant an apple tree
For my friend Miss Marie
For the entire world to see
God bless and Godspeed
Miss Marie
Honestly I am so sad
Today the fishing’s gone bad

By E Marie Aldrich-Creasy
And Barry Shaneyfelt

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