Steam Boat Bills - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

Steam Boat Bills

If all it took was money
To save my soul
The lord did it when
I hid my money in
The bible
And the robbers took it all
But the special book
Of money hundred dollar bills
To save my soul
Put my world back together
And make me feel whole
All it took was money to save my soul
Looking for a place to eat,
Steam Boat Bills
Off interstate 10 just before the
Lake Charles Bridge
Has the best Cajun food around
You’d think you’re in New Orleans or up town
“Marry Ann”
Crawl fish, shrimp,
Postulates, and gumbo much much
More I’ll have you know
So if you get a chance load up and go
To Steam Boat Bills it’s not
Fancy, no frills
The foods really good the staff is friendly
Thiers a long time history to that place
Time will never erase
Katrina or Rita
Almost took it away
But it didn’t happen, not that day
Steam Boat Bills

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