Out Side The Box - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

Outside the Box

She says she ain’t scared
She’s Chicken
She’s got curly hair, tattoos
She likes the blues sometime’s
She’s Chicken
That has four barkn’, pissn’, shitn’ Chihuahua’s
She feeds and breeds
She’s pretty good in the kitchen
I’ve ate her stuffed cabbage
And green bean casserole too
Not bad!
Stuffed cabbage, I’d never had
Chicken has a style all her own
She seldom answers her cell phone
But can text while driving and never wrecks
I tell you
She ain’t scared
She’s Chicken
She rides a skateboard
And very easily gets bored
She has brains
She entertains herself quite well
With her creative imagination
She has so much energy 24/7
She goes A to Z,
In a minute or minute and a half it seems
She says she’s a chicken
Cause she ain’t scared
She’s sly like a fox
She can think outside the box
So don’t pick
The Chicken’s quick

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