Do You Hear Me - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

Do You Hear Me

Do you hear me?
Woman let me be
I’m watching TV
I don’t want to go
Can’t you see?
That’s just ain’t me
A party where their drinking Ice tea
And eating sushi
Budweiser is my drink
And BBQ is my food
Not crackers and cheese
Do you hear me woman
Let me be, please
Its Sunday go out and play
There’s a race I want to see today
Go with your friends somewhere and drink
Spend my money
Do you hear me?
Woman let me be
What’s so hard about that?
Can’t you see?
It’s Sunday and the football game’s on after the race
Houston’s playing Dallas
I don’t want to miss a thing
Of course I said
Go ahead
Buy that ring
So would you quit bothering me woman?
Let me be
Quit pestering me
Its Sunday
Have a boy mow our yard
All week I worked hard
I don’t have time
So go out with your girl friends and drink
Stumble home with some wine
That’s fine
I won’t be mad
Do you hear me?
Woman let me be
Do you hear me?
Let me be
I’m fine, I don’t need anything
Just go woman
Don’t holler at me
There’s no need to scream
Go to the Mall, out to lunch
I got some meat on the pit
The boys and I will be out back playing
Until long after the sun goes down
So woman let me be
Don’t holler and scream
Just go buy that Versace
You saw on TV
Woman just let me be!

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