Fire Ok - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

Fire OK

I believe I learned how to pray
The night my house burned to the ground
I woke to an unfamiliar sound
It all happened so fast
My history my past
Went up in flames
Simply to become the ashes of my memory
The secret place I’m able to see
What used to be
Before the fire took it all away
I will always remember that
Hot summer night
The stairway to heaven
Was opened
An angel
The Virgin Mother
Mary, Herself
Was standing next to me
She led me to The Lord
The light I saw
Had no electrical cord
I just knew right then
My future had begun
I also knew
Somehow my family and I
Would get through
It’s true
I now believe The Lord
Is with me
As well as with you
In my heart The Lord
Will forever stay
Because I’ve learned
How to pray
I see life better that way
Not making a sound
With my knees on the ground
I prayed for the safety of the firemen
Our neighbors
I prayed for their families
Their friends
I prayed with thanks
For the lives of my daughter
And grandson who were not at home
My husband
Myself who were at home
I thanked God then
And I’ll thank God
Again and again
There were so many people around
The night my house burned to the ground
Before the fire was put out
I found myself counting my blessings
Realizing I truly do have more than a lot
Life for one
Plus so much more
It’s true what they say
When one door closes
Another one opens
With God in my heart
That night the fire took my home away
I knew everything would be ok
Tomorrow would be better than yesterday
Because I learned how to pray

Dedicated to Grandma

Poems by E.Marie AldrichCreasy

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