Blane - Poem by E.Marie AldrichCreasy


Living in a van
That’s black or blue
Nearly rusted through
That’s where you’ll find Blane
He’s like a runaway train
Always ready to lend a helping hand
Even if he is just there for the party,
Looking for a woman
That’s somewhat sane
With a heart as well as a brain
Extraordinary or plain
No matter
He knows
Inside their all the same
Like a runaway train
Looking for a place to have fun
That welcomes everyone
So if you meet Blane
The carpenter
The traveler
In his nearly rusted through
Black or blue van
Remember the man, Jesus
He was a traveler
And a carpenter too!
You know that’s true
Did you know Jesus was beaten?
Black and Blue
By a crew that was
Like a runaway train
Totally insane
But this poem is for Blane
The carpenter, the traveler
That lives in a van that is black or blue
And nearly rusted through

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