Autumn - Poem by H.M.Usman Dar

Will you now leave the garden at last?
Some thorns, I reckon, have hurt you.
You've had the sight and scent of its flowers,
Do you forget the pleasure and remember the woe?
Why so heartless to turn your back?
You have cared it for a very long time!
Don't see you how the flowers are withering?
And this sudden change saddens the clime?
You had joined me when it was spring,
When it is past, you are going!
If your conscience follows not the seasons,
The seed of distance, why are you sowing?
There's a world inside us and another outside:
It is we cherish, that is we live in.
We step forward with our aspirations,
But sooner or later, we have to give in!

Poems by H.M.Usman Dar

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