Why America - Poem by Racquel Davis

America, America you don't know me,
But dear America I know you.
I see you in the faces of young people,
I watch you sleep in your crib at night.
I hear your voice in the crowded streets,
I taste your soul in the resturants at dinner time.
Why America have you forgotten about us?
You got too big and you left us behind.
Not thinking about the little man,
We were just a waste of your time.
Dear America turn back and look at what you are,
The wind in our hair, the dirt in our pots,
The rain on our cheeks, the oil in our homes.
America why would you allow yourself to forget?
We made you what you are today.
We the little man dug into your land to find oil.
We turned over your soil to feed the pig you are now.
We America are who you should thank
We, America are the working class people.
Without us there is no you.
Without the work we do there is no product,
Without the product there is no profit.
We, America fuel you, yet you leave us behind.
It's okay though, all is forgiven.

Poems by Racquel Davis

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