The Beautiful Ugly Witch - Poem by HudaM DeGratePoet


The beautiful ugly witch,
Who lives in a ditch!
She loves chewing prawns,
While munching ducklings and fawns!
And her true beauty are her nails-
Uncut, untamed ponys' tails!
And her Perfect Purple Pimples play a role,
In adding taste to her Pleasant bowl!
Her accesories are unique,
A nosepin of raven's claw and snail's colored streaks!
She loves to see the mirror and get hooked to her looks,
Her shelf is full of fashion tip books!
Her broom is never useless, indeed very vital,
When she's off on a journey, her dress is bridal!
And when she lands, if her heels click off,
For replacement she always has a pair of dwarfs!
The honeybees love her smell,
To attract her prey atleast she smells well!

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