Glory - Poem by L'Angley S Delmonte

The first fallen leaves of the season,
The last.
Clean them up
And throw them away.
Cardboard cutouts made to look like soldiers
Still and staring and gloved
Defend us
From the paper villains.
Dark blue coats and big black smiles.
Killers, glorified.

It's summer, and sometimes autumn
Certain days in January.
Sun hot upon the trees' bare backs
Choking on the smoke
From the giant metal cigarettes
That crawl down the trails they make with their ashes
Red and blue and save our souls.
Selling golden bleach in golden bottles
Going twice for a million golden dollars
Liars, glorified.

Speak no evil and it won't exist
Let them freeze hell for you and fight
Thank them as a courtesy-
So falsely contrite!
Bleed, bleed, soft deep pastel colors
Orange and pink and blue and yellow
And burning gold
Smeared across the windowpane
Little gray airplanes painted on the glass
Red and white and glory, glory!
Static stillness, perfect.
Death, glorified.

Poems by L'Angley S Delmonte

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