Ragaman - Poem by L'Angley S Delmonte

No one needed to speak
Nothing had to be said
And tears
Just swelling like the moon
In the summer
Each lined with a thread of
Unexplainable happiness

The bird is the bat,
You say,
Because they both fly,
And the cigarette
Is the car, the noose, the love
They all let me die

In peace

Lined with a thread of
Irrevocable happiness

In somebody's grasp
Feeling so lost, so lone
Instead of
Twisted and turned around
By one
So much stronger

Than my rusted metal
My chains
My beautiful façade

Falling through that unnoticed seam
Between skyscrapers
Lying in the shadows so deep in the sea
Those shadows of life
So strange
So easily mistaken for the unknown, for

So much stronger
Than I
The apartments
Lined with a colour
Of humbling emptiness

And what is life
But living
Is it the unnecessary things:
To be complete.
And to always be

But then
What happened when I knew
Something was always
And I know
I will never have those unnecessary things
Each lined with a thread
Of harrowing loveliness
And will always be

These angels, these vultures,
Both have wings-
And they both prey on rotten things

Lying in the shadow
Of the shadow man

Mixing up the softly spoken words
Of the fluid Ragaman
The lover no one wants
He calls himself so many things
He comes to me
And the other people like me that never

He just lets me be

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