Nonabsolutes - Poem by L'Angley S Delmonte

I wonder
How can one hurt
When invisible?

But my eyes do not
Govern the world

You asked me for my
Honest opinion and I gave that-
Worded so it sounded

Back then I could breathe
And my airways were burning
And ash was all in my eyes
Mud drying on my bones and
It was beautiful

You said this is ecstasy
I said okay well
That shit's illegal

I wonder
How can one feel
When everything is so numb

But I do not know
The nerves and the…soul

You asked me for my
Advice and I tried to say-
But, then everyone's a critic
Anyway and I digress

In a city
In a car
In a dream
In bed at home
There's nothing

The world is so fragile because
I took everything metal
Compacted it and
Formed myself so
I was unbreakable

You said poetry was so beautiful
I said okay well
Is this not a poem?

Poems by L'Angley S Delmonte

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